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1Huddle gamification makes employee training fast, effective and fun.

Research has proven that the uptake and retention of training information among staff is questionable. Ongoing training is the only solution and therefore vital to the longevity and success of any business. However, traditional methods of training are becoming ineffective in this fast-paced, technologically evolving modern world we live in.

In addition, it has become increasingly difficult to effectively, constantly and instantly communicate changing information to staff and customers.

This poses the question: how can you get your training to be instantly updated and be available to all your staff at any time, while allowing you to monitor how it is being used and by whom? The solution is simple: you need online training with mobile accessibility.

1Huddle, a mobile-based training platform, has revolutionised training by replacing traditional classrooms and manuals with gamification, applying the elements of game playing, points scoring and competing against others, in up-skilling and training staff. In short, it takes something potentially boring and uninspiring and makes it fun and participants learn in the process.

The following services are currently offered on the 1Huddle online training platform:

For dealers –
  1. Road to a sale;
  2. Deal file training (includes C.P.A requirements);
  3. Customer service (sales and service departments)
  4. Workplace readiness.
For manufacturers and importers –
  1. a) Product training to dealer network;
  2. b) Monthly or quarterly sales incentive direct awareness;
  3. c) Customer service (sales and service departments);
  4. d) Brand training or awareness;
  5. e) Any other customised training that may be required.

Explains 1Huddle CEO Alan Ross: “Research has proven that games positively impact learning and retention. 1Huddle takes existing training material and condenses it into training games that can be played anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Requiring only five minutes of participation per day at any point he or she may choose”.

1Huddle can be applied to any industry

Breaking up training material into short training modules, 1Huddle can be applied to any industry to address subjects such as product knowledge, sales principles and marketing strategies, among others. Generally there are five categories per game, with five questions per category but the system can be customised to fit virtually any training need. In addition, customers can keep an eye on participation and performance through specifically generated analytics and reports.

Capitalising on the inherently competitive nature of participants, single or multiplayer modules see trainees attempting to not only better their own scores but also beat their colleagues in the rankings. As incentive, top performers can be rewarded after successfully completing modules.

“It’s important to point out that the 1Huddle training system does not aim to replace trainers. In fact this will allow the trainer to become more effective with their training time. This allows better monitoring of the skill levels of staff and where to training is required,” says Grant Paulsen, general manager at 1Huddle. “It’s all about being more time efficient and cost effective, while at the same time boosting productivity.”

1Huddle provides full customer support and provides training on management and monitoring of the system. The latter promotes a better understanding of which training areas require more focus. To this end, material can be changed or updated as required, ensuring that the most current and up-to-date information is communicated to employees immediately.

Feedback from clients confirms that 1Huddle promotes learning through repetition and it is interesting to note that due to the minimal data required to run the App, many employees are logging in and playing after hours. In essence 1Huddle is achieving the impossible; providing a better and more effective platform of training that sees employees essentially training themselves, while keeping them engaged and ensuring that information is retained.

Visit to find out how your business can benefit from implementing this innovative and highly successful training platform.

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa