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Onboarding of staff into cloud based HR management solution

Onboarding of staff into cloud based hr management solution – hassle free, paperless

Time is money in the fast-paced modern business environment, yet the cumbersome and lengthy process of onboarding new staff members can be a waste of both. CMS Netauto offers a viable solution with its paperless, effortless online onboarding facility that is set to change the way companies manage their human resources.

Traditionally, the onboarding of new staff members involves mountains of paperwork for both employees and employers. Not only are there employment contracts to be signed but personal information needs to be supplied and verified for payroll purposes, while medical aid and pension fund membership must be facilitated too. This could mean hours of filling in forms and signing one page after another before an employee officially and fully becomes part of the team.

With the CMS Netauto paperless onboarding solution all information is submitted once only

With the CMS Netauto paperless onboarding solution all information is submitted once only. Once a new employee’s copy of identity document and driver’s license, as well as banking details are loaded onto the system, the information is verified, approved by the relevant manager and stored into the employment cloud, along with any other personal information such as profile photograph, address and next of kin. From here the information is used to populate all necessary documentation, eliminating the need to fill in each form individually. In addition, the system provides for the digital signing of documents so the printing of documents and waiting for signatures becomes a thing of the past.

Making the onboarding process as easy and hassle-free as possible promotes effortless integration and ensures that new staff members can hit the ground running.

The CMS Netauto onboarding system also enables employers to have everything a new employee will need ready and waiting when that person arrives on their first day. Office furniture, telephone lines, computers and security badges can be ordered in advance, while software logins and e-mail accounts can be set up and ready. This avoids last-minute scurrying to get all the logistics in place and will ensure that the employee feels at home from the word go.

Explains Leon Kemp from CMS Netauto: “Everyone recognises the importance of customer relationship management, but we forget that effective relationship management with staff members is equally important. Essentially, the CMS Netauto onboarding system is CRM for your staff. A company’s staff members are, after all, what make or break it so they need to be treated well.”

Since all the employee information is stored in the Cloud, keeping track of important dates such as employment anniversaries, birthdays and even licence expiry dates becomes effortless. “In fact,” says Kemp, “our system will even be able to keep track of license demerits once Aarto is up and running at full speed.”

The system goes much further than just staff onboarding

The system goes much further than just staff onboarding though. It is, in fact, a complete digital employment portal that simplifies HR management in its entirety.

Through a custom-designed App (one specific to employees and another for management), as well as an online portal, leave application and approval and even time sheets also becomes paperless. An employer-specific dashboard ensures that up-to-date information is always available for scrutiny by management.

“Because all employee information is current, complete and stored in the Cloud, the data can be applied for a variety of purposes. Managers can, for instance, send company bulletins to selected recipients and keep track of who read these and when.

“It all comes back to the onboarding process. Once the original information has been captured and verified, there is virtually no limit to how it can be utilised within the company, and for what purpose. Our main goal was to create a paperless, fool proof system that can provide a complete HR solution, to the benefit of employers and employees alike; no matter what industry you operate in,” Kemp concludes.

CMS Netauto is a member of the C2 Group of Companies. For further information, contact Leon Kemp at or visit

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa