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BMGs upgraded slogging tools for efficient tightening and loosening of nuts and bolts 2019

BMG’s Slogging Hammer and Wheel Slogger, which form part of the company’s extensive range of tools and equipment, have recently been upgraded by local inventors, Slogging International, for greater efficiency and improved safety.


“The versatile Slogging Hammer and Wheel Slogger series, which is used in many industries to loosen and tighten bolts and nuts quickly and easily, ensures highly-efficient operation and safe use for operators,” says Andrew Johns, business unit manager, tools and equipment – BMG. “Recent advancements include a combination of two sizes, a new safety clip on the Slogging Hammer that prevents the shaft from sliding out when the tool is not in operation and an all-in-one torquing clip on the Wheel Slogger. This new clip allows the user to leave the tool attached to the wheel and gives the option of selecting different torque settings – from 450 to 650 Nm – without having to change the clip. Previously each torque was specific to a particular clip.

“There are many advantages of using the Slogging Hammer and Wheel Slogger over conventional slogging methods. Productivity is significantly improved through the controlled and effective impact between the hammer and the spanner, resulting in minimal downtime when compared with other conventional methods of loosening and tightening nuts and bolts. Safety, irrespective of the industry or application, is non-negotiable and the Slogging range ensures a better working environment. Properties include ergonomics, high power to weight ratio and single operator deployment. When the Slogging Hammer is used in combination with the Wheel Slogger, applications are extended.

“Conventional hammer and slogger spanner systems require two operators to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts. This method is not only dangerous when the working area is cramped and there are other people in the vicinity, but it is also unsafe for the operator holding and guiding the slogging spanner. The operator is then at risk of shrapnel and is effectively at the mercy of the operator swinging the hammer.

“The Slogging Hammer was developed to overcome the hazards associated with the traditional hammer and slogging spanner method and to improve operator safety when loosening bolts and nuts. Other uses for this tool include pin extractions, and with an adaptor can be used with standard impact sockets, tyre bead breakers, as well as in the removal of coal picks and other custom chisels.

Safety features of the Slogging Hammer include a built-in hand-grip, which means there is no need for the operator’s hand to be near the impact zone and an eye-bolt prevents accidents in overhead working conditions, when tightened. No heavy lifting is necessary, as only the shaft weight needs to be managed. This tool is used easily in confined spaces and in areas that are difficult to access. The Slogging Hammer provides greater direct impact, ensuring that the job is completed quickly and safely, with fewer blows than with conventional methods.

The Slogging Hammer is suitable for dependable use in many industries, including mining, chemical and petrochemical plants, agriculture, construction and civil engineering, as well as in power stations, shipping and offshore oil rigs. This multi-purpose tool, in Wheel Slogger version, enables the safe and effortless loosening, tightening and torquing of nuts and bolts in earthmoving equipment, as well as military, freight and commercial vehicles.

The Slogging Hammer is available from BMG in four size configurations from M16 to M76 and in models specifically for open-air, underground, spark-free and underwater environments. The open-air range is constructed with an aluminium tube and steel impact head, while the spark-free design uses a copper impact head.


The underground range is available as standard, with a Stainless Steel tube and steel impact head, and also as spark-free, with a copper impact head, ensuring a safe solution for use in potentially explosive areas in underground mining, power stations and petrochemical industries.

The underwater configuration for marine enterprises and offshore oil rig operations has a Stainless Steel tube, handle and impact head with a nylon nut. With this tool, a single diver is able to safely complete tightening and loosening tasks usually only possible with multiple divers.

Slogging Hammers are supplied by BMG in an optional convenient carry bag. A range of OEM compliant spanners and accessories, including a ¾” and 1” socket adaptor is also available, as well as wearing part spares, including bobbins, retaining rings, pins and impact heads.

When a Slogging Hammer is applied in the Wheel Slogger variation, a single operator is able to safely loosen, tighten and torque wheel nuts for the quick release and replacement of a damaged tyre. The operator can be confident that when the required torque for the application, as prescribed by the OEM manufacturer, has been applied through the Wheel Slogger with its new torque clip, the installed torque will be within 5% accuracy of a torque wrench applied to the same joint. This system mitigates the risk of damage to wheel studs through over-tightening.


All torque settings on the tool are controlled by OEM-specified torque clips, which means no calibration is required, even after years of usage. Standard torque settings are 450, 550, 600 and 650 Nm, however, custom torque ranges up to 1 000 Nm can be accommodated on request.

This system has been well received by all sectors of the transport industry, particularly for use on large trucks, buses, long distance haulers, agricultural equipment and military vehicles. With this system, there is minimal downtime and there is no need to incur the costs of calling for assistance to change wheels.

BMG’s extensive range of tools and related equipment is used to enhance the reliability of equipment in all industries. The company’s extensive branch network offers a technical advisory and support service to ensure the suitable product is selected and correctly used for each specific application.

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa