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Castrol’s liquid engineering drives down total cost of ownership

With the advances of technology in modern diesel engines and ever-tightening emission legislation, the role of engine oil has become extremely important. On top of that, for the owners and operators of all commercial vehicles, efficiency and reliability equal time and money.

“Keeping trucks productive means keeping them on the road longer between essential maintenance, using fuel more efficiently and extending the life of engines. Castrol’s complete fluid solution of advanced engine oils, transmission fluids, antifreezes and greases make it easier for operators to select the right product for the right application and helps achieve the best possible performance from vehicles,”

says Shane Solomon, Castrol South Africa, Head of Marketing, Africa.

The Castrol product range for commercial vehicle engines includes lubricants designed to:

  • Help improve the fuel efficiency of trucks
  • Help maintain engine cleanliness
  • Provide excellent wear protection
  • Extend the life of the engine

Fierce competition in the trucking industry

Fierce competition in the trucking industry coupled to commercial vehicle operators having to face a multitude of challenges including congested roads and escalating operating costs, mean businesses need to operate at ultimate efficiency. Castrol is fully committed to assisting its trucking customers maximise profit.

We are able to offer the right specialty products to make sure that a commercial vehicle will keep working effectively. Whether it’s an oil, grease, coolant or a hydraulic fluid, Castrol certainly has the right solution. We are passionate about delivering complete fluid solutions to trucks, tractors and other commercial vehicles through innovation and deep consumer insights, backed with expertise in automotive lubrication technology,”

concludes Solomon.

Castrol lives and breathes its Liquid Engineering promise. To bring to market the latest in cutting-edge technology and develop the optimum product range to date, Castrol has run over 7-million on-road kilometers. This is equal to driving to the moon and back nine times.

The rigorous test regime required more than 290 000 man-hours and equaled 600 engine tests. The analysis covered 97% of all OEM engine lubricant requirements and volumes equated to filling more than 400 trucks.

Total Ownership Costs


Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa