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The Rubble Master RM 90GO! Range, redefines versatility

A recent installation at a marble quarry in Namibia of the Rubble Master RM 90GO! Impact Crusher has opened up a number of new alternative revenue streams for the owners. The client, initially, had a mobile Metso jaw and screen crusher, and were looking at various options to add more value to their operation by varying production output from the site.

Rubble master

While well-entrenched in the market

While well-entrenched in the market, with a product ranked in the top 1% quality-wise, there were two options to grow the business. They could either produce more marble, which was undesirable as that would compromise the lifespan of the quarry or they could use the waste materials that continuously piles up. A decision was made to utilise the waste materials.

Being a marble quarry, quality is paramount. Should any of the material be cracked, or have inherent flaws, it is deemed waste. This does not mean the material is useless and by crushing the waste they would be adding value and manufacturing a sellable product. This newly crushed waste material has a number of uses in the construction and industrial sectors from tile grout all the way to additives in commercial products – basically anywhere a fine powder is required.

Rubble Master

“Initially, they were using the jaw crusher and screen to do single-stage crushing, but were achieving very low volumes,”

explains Fernando Abelho, Africa sales manager at Pilot Crushtec.

“The team from Pilot Crushtec spent about six months with them in order to understand their business. The Client did an exhaustive analysis in terms of what other industry uses there could be for their waste and what specifications were required to compete in the market, Pilot Crushtec was then consulted on how to achieve the required product specifications. Our initial idea was to just put in a single screening plant to drop operating costs as material was being double handled. Essentially, this meant the material was fed into the jaw crusher, split into three usable products and a fourth that was still too large to be of any use and had to be reprocessed. The extra screen, however, would not solve the problem as the client’s production rates were just too low and the cost could not be justified. The only logical solution was to increase production, and the Rubble Master was the perfect tool for the job.”

there now exists a thorough two-stage crushing process

With the Rubble Master RM90GO! in place, there now exists a thorough two-stage crushing process.To properly explain the mechanics of crushing Abelho likens the process to driving a car.

“You need to go through all your gears to get to your top speed and it is the same when crushing. You have your first stage that will generally round off the material from 600mm to around 100mm. The second stage will then further reduce the size from 100mm down to about 25mm. You can, of course, abuse the various stages but this does come at a cost. Your efficiency will suffer, wear and tear will increase, and production levels will drop. The client has negated all of these negatives by installing the Rubble Master RM90GO! and their production has almost tripled. They are at a point  where they have to find more clients for their industrial products.”

The philosophy behind the design of the Rubble Master has always been simplicity

The philosophy behind the design of the Rubble Master has always been simplicity  in operation and maintenance without compromising on quality and performance. Pilot Crushtec often uses it to introduce clients with minimal experience to the crushing and screening industry.

“The Rubble Master is really easy to run. From a maintenance and operation perspective, there is nothing simpler. The control panel literally has four buttons that get the machine going; we call it the one, two, three, Go!. You push three buttons, and you are ready to start crushing. This is great as the learning curve for operators is very short, relative to cone crushers where countless setup parameters are available via the PLC. All the intelligence is hidden within the machine. Additionally, the size has intentionally been kept compact as it is often used in urban environments where space is at a premium. We have clients that use the Rubble Master to crush backfill when working on residential complex projects as the machine is incredibly mobile and has great sound insulation.”

The Rubble Master comes in three iterations that serve a wide variety of markets

The Rubble Master comes in three iterations that serve a wide variety of markets. Typically used in low abrasion and C&D applications, the RM range can be used in some harder applications under the correct circumstances. The starting point for any prospective client is most certainly the Rubble Master RM 70GO! 2.0 Impact Crusher. The compact, track-mounted machine produces excellent, cubic-shaped grain in various product sizes and is designed to process a wide range of aggregate material. The diesel/electric drive makes this unit uniquely economic and efficient and, due to its power and versatility, the compact crusher is a vital piece of equipment for companies specialising in recycling.

“If you have wider application needs and more demanding power and handling expectations, the RM 90GO! is the answer,”

says Abelho.

“This machine is a low-noise, high-performance crusher suitable for the widest range of applications. Setup is also simplicity itself and the RM 90GO! is ready for action within a few minutes to rapidly and efficiently process any mineral material, such as C&D waste, concrete, asphalt, glass, coal, natural rock and even reinforced concrete, to produce high-quality construction materials. Finally, we have the Rubble Master RM 100GO! compact crusher. This track-mounted unit produces a high-quality cubic shaped grain in various product sizes. Due to its power and versatility, the compact crusher is a vital piece of equipment, offering a flexible approach to high capacity crushing. The Rubble Master RM 100GO! is a primary or secondary crusher with a refeeding belt that sends oversize material back into the vibro-feeder and returns it to the crusher.”

Diversification and identification of alternative revenue streams are the keys to success and sustainability in the 21st century. With the wide variety of applications that open up with the Rubble Master range it has never been easier to retool or upgrade wherever you are.

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa