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Hyundai Trucks and Vans – ready, willing and equipped to deliver

The popular Hyundai HD Trucks and H1 Panel Vans not only look good, but they also feature safety and reliability built into every one of them. The result is a series of trucks and vans that will work all the hours demanded, all year round.

The Hyundai HD Series – Mighty HD65/ HD72

Hyundai HD TrucksLooking for a rugged truck that fulfills every trucking expectation? The Hyundai Mighty series will do just that. With two GVM options, namely 6,5 and 7,2 tons, customers will have real cargo shifting flexibility.

The HD series offers extraordinary safety and security, boasting a 4-channel ABS with integrated electronic brake-force distribution (EBD).

The system senses when the wheels lock in adverse road conditions, adjusting and controlling the braking pressure on all wheels via a hydraulic control, while automatically increasing brake pressure in an emergency.

The Hyundai Mighty HD series is not just comfortable, but also works with the driver

The Hyundai Mighty HD series is not just comfortable, but also works with the driver. For example, the curved instrument and switch panel layout means more instinctive control. Minor controls, cab access, door and grab handles are optimally positioned and there is ample interior illumination and sufficient stowage space.

The interior of the Mighty Hyundai HD is built to increase driver satisfaction and to relieve stop-start stress. The whole Hyundai HD series features high-back seats built to support and comfort, as well as reduce driver fatigue. The foldable cable operated gearshift is light and precise.

Hyundai Mighty HD, a driver’s first choice

Fresh, but durable trim materials, excellent NVH insulation and super clear instrumentation are all part of what goes into making every Hyundai Mighty HD a driver’s first choice. The Hyundai D4DB diesel engine delivers powerful performance, combined with exceptional reliability and durability, making Hyundai trucks more appealing.

Among the HD’s greatest features are its tilting cab, semi-floating-type cab suspension, air control system and radiator reservoir – to name a few.

The Hyundai H1 Panel Van

Hyundai H1 Panel VansIn the busy city or out in the country, Hyundai’s H1 Panel Van is the lifeblood of trade applications.

With daily collections and deliveries, a customer’s business is always against the clock, which makes the H1 the perfect choice, given its spacious cargo area, low running costs and high levels of refinement.

While it is a practical, hard-working load-carrier, people seated upfront will appreciate the high degree of comfort and convenience that feature in a beautifully appointed passenger cabin. Behind, the cargo compartment is a giant box more than 2,37m long, 1,62m wide and 1,35m high.

For added convenience, there are sliding cargo doors on each side, double swing doors at the rear, a flat floor with tie-downs and a solid bulkhead for occupant safety.

Hyundai offers expert help and advice on choosing the fleet vehicle that matches any businesses’ transportation needs. Why not consider a Hyundai commercial vehicle for your business this year?


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