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“I tell my family: don’t touch me anymore, not until Coronavirus is gone.”

“I tell my family: don’t touch me anymore, not until Coronavirus is gone. When I get home, I wash first. It is hard for my family. My son asks me – why do you not want to hug me?” 

Kenneth Setati – Truck Driver: Vector Logistics

Life under Lockdown is tough. It is especially tough for truck drivers delivering essential goods around the country. Kenneth Setati, who delivers frozen and chilled foods in the Limpopo province, is on the road five days a week. He shares his challenges as a truck driver in Coronavirus times.

“Life on the roads is different now,”

says Kenneth.

“I have clear roads ahead of me when I drive. It is a lot easier for me to drive and I am able to deliver quicker. There is no traffic at all. I also see police on the road every day and there are lot of road blocks.”

“Food is a major challenge while on the road,”

he says.

“There are no prepared foods in the stores, so often we have to go without eating. Or we just eat bread. When your stomach is empty, it is difficult for your mind to function. Many public toilets, which were previously open, are also now closed”.

Vector Logistics, his employer, has been supplying all its truck drivers with gloves, masks and hand sanitiser.

“Management has been very supportive,”

says Kenneth.

“Our manager meets with us every morning before we go out on the road,”

he says.

“He talks to us about safety. He shares with us about distancing, sanitising and washing our hands. We listen and we do this.”

The company has also arranged transport for all drivers during Lockdown, so they can travel to and from work with peace of mind.

Kenneth worries about spreading the virus to his family. He has a wife and two children (six years old and one years old).

“When I get home, I am stressed. I worry about whether I am carrying Coronavirus. I tell my family not to hug me anymore, not until Coronavirus is dead. This upsets my children – they are not used to this. I try my best to explain to them that, in time, this will pass and we will be able to touch each other and hug again”.

Despite the challenging environment in which he currently drives, Kenneth is still passionate about the work he does. “I love my job. I love my work,” he says.

His advice and wishes during Lockdown?

“Please comply with what President Cyril Ramaphosa requests,”

he urges.

“Stay home. And sanitise”.

The Road Freight Association (RFA) admires and is grateful to the thousands of truck drivers across the country who are continuing to deliver much-needed essential goods during Lockdown

"I tell my family: don't touch me anymore, not until Coronavirus is gone."


Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa