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New 920K Compact Wheel Loader delivers high productivity, versatility, optimum efficiency, and added operator control

The new 920K Compact Wheel Loader, with a net-power rating of 74 kW (99 horsepower), reflects significant product enhancements that contribute to high productivity, versatility, operator convenience/safety, and serviceability. New features allow operators to tailor machine performance to individual preferences for added operating efficiency, and a choice of auxiliary-hydraulic systems expand the use of work tools for added utility.

CAT 920K Compact Wheel Loader

Engine and fuel efficiency

The 920K’s Cat® C4.4 engine meets U.S. Tier 3 equivalent/EU Stage IIIA equivalent emission level and is designed for fuel efficiency. The C4.4 allows operators to choose between power modes: Eco or Standard. In Eco mode, the engine delivers enhanced fuel economy by operating at a lower maximum engine speed (1,925 rpm). Standard mode allows the engine to operate at speeds to 2,350 rpm, providing more wheel torque and more hydraulic power in both transmission ranges for demanding applications.

The 920K also incorporates an “intelligent” power-management system, which balances performance and fuel efficiency, adding power when the machine senses high demands, such as climbing grades. On-demand power adjustment means optimum productivity and hydraulic speed under load. Fuel-saving features include an on-demand cooling fan that provides fast machine warm-up and lower sound levels, while preventing over-heating in hot climates.

Efficient operator environment

The 920K’s deluxe cab features two side-entry doors, low-effort electro-hydraulic joystick, suspended pedals, tilt steering wheel, and an air-suspended seat. The joystick controller provides single-lever control of loading functions and also integrates transmission and differential-lock controls. The joystick also accommodates controls for two- and three- hydraulic systems, including proportional control of auxiliary circuits.

A large LCD monitor for the standard primary display provides pertinent operating information at a glance via an easy-to-read back-lit screen, and gauges in the display cluster show fluid levels and component temperatures. An optional rearview camera with an in-cab monitor enhances rear visibility. Available ride-control uses the loader cylinders to dampen travel bounce for a smoother, less-fatiguing ride for the operator and improved material retention.

CAT 920K Compact Wheel Loader

Built-in control features (some available only with the Road and Load Feature Package) significantly enhance operating efficiency and safety. Modulated inching capability allows using the first half of brake-pedal travel to control ground speed independent of engine speed, providing optimum hydraulic performance at speeds that best match the application. Ground-speed (“creeper”) control, managed by a dial on the right console, also permits control of ground speed independent of engine speed.

The implement-response system allows for three, adjustable, loader-performance settings, enabling operators to match loader responsiveness to the application. A directional-shift response system (three settings) adjusts the speed of the transmission’s change between forward and reverse travel—to suit application needs or individual preferences. Rim-pull control (three settings—60, 80, and 100 percent) allows operators to modulate power to the wheels as ground conditions or applications vary, reducing wheel spin for optimum traction.

The return-to-dig system allows operators to automatically reposition the loader linkage for the next cycle by simply moving the joystick to the boom-down detent position. The lift-kickout feature stops the loader arms at a predetermined height when the joystick is in the boom-up detent. Both systems are adjustable with the push of a button in the cab. A bucket-float function allows the work tool to follow ground contour for a smooth finish.

Performance and versatility

The 920K is designed for high tipping loads, enhancing stability when handling heavy loads and large work tools. The 920K features Cat optimized Z-bar loader linkage, designed to provide the parallel-lift capability of IT (Integrated Tool Carrier™) linkage, as well as the breakout force and aggressive digging capability of conventional Z-bar linkage.

The 920K is specifically designed to efficiently handle a range of work tools, significantly increasing versatility. Quick-coupler options (including the Integrated Tool Carrier coupler) and screw-to-connect fittings facilitate tool changes. The IT coupler is compatible with legacy Cat work tools and designed to work with a range of attachments, including Cat Performance Series buckets, pallet forks, snow blowers and brooms. The 920K’s hydraulic system can be configured for multiple valves to accommodate a variety of hydro-mechanical work tools, and a third-valve auxiliary system features proportional control with a roller switch in the joystick.

CAT 920K Compact Wheel Loader


The 920K Series will soon be fitted with the Cat telematics system (Product Link™) as a standard feature, but the system will be an option at first production. Product Link provides a constant stream of wireless information available via the online VisionLink® interface. The PL243 4G Cellular option will be available later. The theft-deterrent capability of telematics and the optional security keypad (which allows password-protected engine starts) promote optimum machine security.


920K Specifications

Engine Cat C4.4
Net Power (ISO 9249) 74 kW (99 hp)
Operating weight 8.630 kg (19,019 lb.)
3rd valve hyd. flow – l/min (gpm) 90 l/min. (24 gpm)
Bucket capacity (GP Performance Series) 1.6-1.9 m3 (2.1-2.5 yd3)
Full turn static tipping load 5.630 kg (12,409 lb.)
Max. travel speed 40 km/h (25 mph)

*Specifications are for a machine configured with general purpose 1.6 m3 Pin-On bucket, bolt-on cutting edges, standard counterweights, 80 kg (176 lb.) operator, and Goodyear 17.5-25 (L3) HRL tires.

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa