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New Large Bakkie from GWM Will Make Its Debut at Auto Shanghai 2019

Great Wall Pickup, the leader in the Chines pickup industry, made another big move recently. This all new Great Wall Pickup will officially break cover making its global debut at the upcoming Auto Shanghai to be held in April 2019 according to an informed source. The Chinese powerhouse released a series of photos of a new pickup model online. These images show that the new model adopts a new front style and grille, nothing like anything released before from the Chinese mark. The trapezoidal air-inlet grille adopts an intricate decorative style. The headlights also feature a very sharp and futuristic styling that melts and integrates into the front bumper which makes the front of the vehicle stand out stylistically showing off its own personality and highlighting a new generation of bigger, better more advanced GWM pick-ups. When viewing the vehicle from the side, the wheel hubs sport a multiple spoke design wheel adding to the creative styling of the vehicle. The cylindrical and highly sporty roll bar adds to the aggressive stance and styling of this all new cutting edge design.

New Large Bakkie from GWM Will Make Its Debut at Auto Shanghai 2019

At the same time the final vehicle images were released, a group of patent drawings of the new pickups were also released online. As can be seen from the patent drawings, a variety of models such as long and short load bin versions, as well as single cab and double cabs in various levels of specification and trim will be included. Previously, there were speculations from global media that the new products might be STEED 8 and STEED 9, but those speculations have never been officially confirmed by Great Wall Pickup. According to the patent drawings, a whole new range of products rather than a single product will be launched at Auto Shanghai 2019.

It is worth noting that from the patent drawings we can also see that there is likely to be an off-road model. The overall style of this model is more aggressive, with stronger wheel hub styles and flared fender modelling and additional wheel arch covers. Added to this, the model adopts a custom front and rear bumper with capstans holes in the front bumper, a tow hook in the rear bumper as well as roof racks.

New Large Bakkie from GWM Will Make Its Debut at Auto Shanghai 2019

According to another source, these products are based on a new platform rather than the previously reported H9 platform. Added to this the new Great Wall pickup models will be manufactured at the new plant in Yongchuan District, Chongqing. It is understood that the new plant of Great Wall Motors in Chongqing will mainly produce Great Wall pickups and Haval SUVs. The plant is expected to be completed and put into operation by the end of 2019, which can add 160,000 vehicles and supporting parts for Great Wall Motors.

On 28 September last year, Great Wall Pickup announced that it would become an independent brand in the corporation and that it would launch top tier or premium products in the next three years. In November, Great Wall Pickup launched a new generation of interim Pickup in the form of Steed 7.

What do these milestones and announcements mean to the man in the street? Well simply put, we can see the birth of a new generation of pickup that is unfolding now. Great Wall Pickup is experiencing an accelerated development and research and the brand is sure to make another big move this year. We will pay close attention to the new Great Wall pickup range and make updates in due time. Exciting times lie ahead for the world’s favourite Chinese pick up brand.

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa