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Trailblazing 4.0 industry solutions in supply chain and logistics

The digital nature of business has ushered in the arrival of Industry 4.0 reflecting the interconnectedness of all aspects of manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution.

As a trailblazer in the logistics world, Trackmatic is actively working with leading South African businesses to automate and digitise the distribution elements of their supply chain processes and liberate untapped value.

Trailblazing 4.0 industry solutions in supply chain and logistics

Through both its inbound and outbound mobility solutions, Trackmatic provides a full-service solution, from departure to destination. It provides seamless management and control of First, Middle and Last Mile logistics by empowering businesses with innovative tools, insightful information, meaningful real-time data, and empirically based analytics to monitor and evaluate business performance and behaviour for improved decision-making.

Research conducted by The Centre of Logistics Cranfield School of Management in the UK and the School of Industrial Engineering University of Vigo, in Spain, found that implementing 4.0. initiatives in transport logistics increased flexibility, improved quality standards, efficiency and productivity, and resulted in higher levels of customer service satisfaction.

It also found that most organisations focus their industry 4.0 initiatives, towards digitalising and improving their production and warehousing. However, companies achieving the best results are those that run concurrent projects across the four main supply chain levers; buy (procurement), storage (warehouse), move (transport logistics) sell (fulfilment) due to their interdependence and interconnectedness.

Successful 4.0 initiatives not only need great tech but require conscientious execution as technology is only as powerful as the people using it. Results are achieved when tech is supported by ultra-effective processes, self-sufficient, well-trained staff, discipline and follow-through, collaboration and compliance. That is the basis upon which Trackmatic delivers its solutions to clients.

However, companies are often fearful to let go of their manual, paper-intensive processes as it gives them a perceived sense of control. They also often believe that their businesses are completely unique and find it difficult to believe that a solution will address their specific business requirements. Unfortunately, with digitisation, the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

Massdiscounters, a leading distribution chain and subsidiary of JSE-listed Massmart Holdings that operates outbound logistics from three regional distribution centres to 140 Game and Dion Wired stores, required a system that would help it understand and address its execution problems.

By adopting Trackmatic’s Driver-Led Visibility® Solution and Insight Module, Massdiscounters transformed its key performance indicators, improved driver performance by 14%, and save significantly on fuel and productivity.

Eureka, South Africa’s leading orange and brown pre-packed fastener company, needed Trackmatic’s expertise to assess the challenges they were facing and help to speed up processes and streamline operations.

“We needed a route optimisation solution that would prevent our drivers from getting lost,” says Werner van den Heever, Fleet Manager, Eureka DIY Solutions. “Trackmatic delivered this and equipped us with handheld devices that directed drivers to the stores. We now receive live feedback as and when deliveries are done.”

It is this functionality that has also enabled leading South African liquor store Norman Goodfellows to enhance their delivery experience to customers and ensure a more efficient approach.

For Industry 4.0 to deliver tangible value and return on investment, a systemic solution is needed where all systems and technologies work together to deliver meaningful results. Trackmatic is digitally driving logistics to deliver a better way.

Tristan Wiggill
Special Features Editor at Business Fleet Africa